Bulletin of the Pacific Circle – transition and renewal

To all readers of the Bulletin of the Pacific Circle

We are delighted to announce a new era for the publication. As you may have noticed, the Bulletin has ceased to be printed and mailed out. Meanwhile, the Pacific Circle’s website is undergoing a gradual transformation, as we shift from hard copy to what we hope will be a dynamic online publication, with more frequent generation of content and more multimedia. 

We will soon launch a Twitter account, as well as several exciting new events focused on supporting Early Career Researchers in this field and building a strong online community. 

The entire back catalogue of the Bulletin (1986-2022) remains available on our website, under the Resources tab. Hard copies are archived in several libraries and institutions with connections to the Pacific Circle. We will continue to email out a regular newsletter, but hope that you will also visit our website, contribute resources, and suggest the type of content you would like to read, watch, and engage with.

Reach out, recommend, or pitch us content at thepacificcircle@gmail.com – we would love to hear from you. 

Emma, Rohan, and Sebestian