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Updated: September 2014


Note: If any Circle member would like to add, edit, or delete his or her information, please email us at thepacificcircle@gmail.com.

Adler, Antony
History Department
University of Washington

Aldrich, Dr. Michele

Anderson, Prof. Warwick
Department of History and Centre for Values, Ethics, and the Law in Medicine
University of Sydney
Science and Race in the Pacific, History of Colonial Medicine, History of Disease Ecology

Bain, Alan
National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution Archives (Ret.)
Scientific and Museum Archives, U S and World’s Fairs, East and Southeast Asia Colonial and Cultural Anthropology

Baker, Rupert, Librarian
The Royal Society

Ballard, Dr. Christopher
Pacific and Asian History
The Australian National University

Bartholomew, Dr. James (Prof. Emeritus)
Department of History
The Ohio State University
Modern Science in Japan, Nobel Prizes in Science, History of Medicine

Beasley, Dr. Annette
Victoria University of Wellington, N.Z.
Medical Anthropology, Science and Technology, Kuru Investigation in Papua New Guinea

Behlmer, Prof. George K.
Department of History
University of Washington (Seattle)
Colonial Violence in the Western Pacific; Shifting Notions of “Savagery”

Burnett, Burke, Executive Director
Pacific Science Association
Climate Change, Biodiversity, New Guinea, Indonesia, Culture Change, Technological Change, Technology Development, Economics

Cushman, Prof. Gregory Todd
History Department
University of Kansas

D’Ambrosio, Dr. Ubiratan

Davies, Dr. Mel
Economics, Business School
University of Western Australia
Mining History

Douglas, Dr. Bronwen
Department of Pacific and Asian History
The Australian National University

Douglas, Dr. Kirsty
Australian Academy of Sciences
Technology Studies, History of Technology, History of Science, Environmental History

Feller, Dr. David Allan
Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine
University of Manchester

Garden, Prof. Don

Gascoigne, Prof. John
School of Humanities and Languages
University of New South Wales
18th- and 19th Century Pacific Science and Exploration

Gilbert, Prof. Marc J.
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hawaii Pacific University

Gillbank, Dr. Linden Rae
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies
University of Melbourne
History of Australian Botany

Gillespie, Dr. Richard
Humanities Department
Museum Victoria, Australia

Golub, Prof. Alex
Department of Anthropology
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Hanlon, Prof. David
Department of History
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Harkewicz, Dr. Laura
History Department
University of Washington
History of Science, History of Medicine, Pacific History, Atomic History, Health and Identity

Herbert, Dr. Sandra (Prof. Emeritus)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
History of Evolutionary Ideas, Exploration

Hoffenberg, Prof. Peter H.
Department of History
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Science at International Exhibitions, 19th-Century Australian Science, Science in British India, Ferdinand von Mueller

Home, Prof. Roderick Weir (Prof. Emeritus)
History and Philosophy of Science
University of Melbourne
18th-Century Physical Sciences, History of Australian Science

Inglis, Prof. A. Kerri
Department of History
University of Hawaii at Hilo
Health, Disease and Medicine in Hawaii and the Pacific

MacLeod, Dr. Roy (Professor Emeritus)
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
University of Sydney

McCall, Prof. Grant
Department of Anthropology
University of Sydney
Eastern Polynesia (especially Rapanui), Banabans of Rabi Island, Historical Anthropology

Merlin, Prof. Mark
Department of Botany
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Miao, Dr. Tian
Institute for the History of Natural Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
History of Mathematical Sciences in China, Inter-Cultural Transmission of Mathematics

Neel, Prof. Carolyn
History Department
Arkansas Tech University

Osborne, Prof. Michael A.
Department of History
Oregon State University
Environment and Health, Tropical Medicine, Yellow Fever

Paul, Prof. John J.
Department of History
Fitchburg State University
Colonial Medical Profession, Medical Missions and Missionaries

Richardson, Dr. Brian, Dean
Academic Affairs
Windward Community College
European Exploration, History of Political Thought

Roque, Dr. Ricardo
Institute of Social Sciences
University of Lisbon
Historical Anthropology, History of Race, History of Human Sciences, Portuguese Empire in the 19th and 20th Centuries, Timor Leste

Rothenberg, Dr. Marc
National Science Foundation
Patronage of U S Science in the 19th and 20th Centuries, Astronomy, Scientific Exploration

Rozwadowski, Prof. Helen M.
History and Maritime Studies
University of Connecticut, Avery Point
History of Ocean Sciences, History of Field Sciences, Environmental History, History of the Ocean

Samson, Prof. Jane,
Department of History and Classics
University of Alberta
Indigenous Clergy, Pacific Missionary Movements, Gender and Empire, History of Pacific Anthropology

Smith, Prof. Vanessa
School of Letters Arts and Media
University of Sydney

Sprague, Roberta
Independent Historian
Sterling, Keir (Ret.)
Independent Historian
American History, History of Science

Tateyama, Hirokuni, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Interests: Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, history, ritual, “climate refugees”

Tee, Prof. Garry J.
Department of Mathematics
University of Auckland
Mathematics and History of Science

Tueller, Prof. James
History Department
Brigham Young University – Hawaii

Wang, Prof. Zuoyue
Department of History
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
History of 20th-Century Science, Technology and the Environment in the U S and China, History of Chinese-American Scientists and US-China Scientific Relations, Transnational/Transpacific Scientific Communities and Connections

Wilson, Prof. Philip K.
Department of History
East Tennessee State University
Hawaiian Volcanology History, Hawaiian Natural Healing, General History of Disease, History of Geography

Yajima, Dr. Michiko
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
History of Geology, History of Evolution,