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Bulletin #48 Now Available Online

Hello Circle Readers, Far too long in coming, we have posted Circle Bulletin #48 here (PDF). We apologize for the unprecedented delay and will take measures to avoid this in the future. As with all other past issues, you may find a permanent link under the ‘bulletin’ tab at the top of this page.

Council Members and Officers, Past and Present

Dear Circle Readers, As we continue to expand our online discourse and the Pacific Circle itself, we would like to recognize the Council members and officers who have helped to ensure the vitality of the organization over the past 30 years and more. Now and for the future, we remain focused on the abiding realization of our purpose — to promote and assist scholarship in the history and social studies …Read More

Members Directory 2022 and Site Renovation

Hello Circle Readers, We would like to share our Members Directory for 2022 (PDF) even as we make further updates and adjustments to the format. If you wish to add, edit, or remove any part of your member entry, then please email us at thepacificcircle@gmail.com or feel free to contact me directly at mpkline@hawaii.edu. In the coming weeks, we will also be introducing a number of exciting enhancements to the …Read More

Pacific Circle Online Lecture, January 20th 2022

Dear Circle Readers, We are pleased to announce the first of an irregular series of online events of the Pacific Circle. The new council have agreed to introduce this innovation to make best use of new digital means of communication. We will aim to highlight the work of emerging scholars in the fields represented by the Circle. Please click here to view the announcement (PDF), or see below for details. …Read More

Greetings from the President

Hello Circle Readers, Please see the Front Page for an announcement from our current Pacific Circle President, Professor Sujit Sivasundaram. There you may also find an an updated list of Officers and Council Members, including their academic interests and affiliations.

Bulletin No. 47 Now Available

Hello Circle Members, Pacific Circle Bulletin No. 47 (October 2021) is now available and may be downloaded here (PDF). As with all other past issues, the file may also be downloaded using the permanent link in the ‘Bulletin’ section of this site. A keyword search of all past issues of the Bulletin and Newsletter may be performed using the search bar at the bottom of the page.

Bulletin No. 46 Now Available

Dear Circle Members, Bulletin No. 46 (April 2021) is now available and may be downloaded here (PDF). This and all past issues may be viewed by pressing the ‘Bulletin’ link at the top of this page.

Bulletin No. 45 Now Available

Hello Circle Readers, The October 2020 Bulletin (No. 45) is now available and may be downloaded here (PDF). This and all past issues may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the ‘Bulletin’ link at the top of this page. One may also perform a keyword search of our site, including all bulletin issues, by using the toolbar at the bottom of the page.

Call for Applications – JPH COVID-19 Grants

Dear Circle Readers, The Journal of Pacific History Inc. invites qualified persons to apply for either of the two following categories of grants. The grants are offered in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic to help support early career, unemployed, or casually employed Pacific historians to prepare articles for submission to the Journal of Pacific History. See https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/cjph for the journal’s Aims and scope, Journal information, and Instructions for authors. …Read More

ICHST 2021: Proposed Symposia

Hello Circle Readers, Please consider participation in one or both of these proposed symposia for the ICHST in Prague, summer 2021. Session A: Wet ecologies: The media in (under)water worlds This session investigates the oceans as envirotechnical systems, examining the social, epistemological, and technological dimensions of ocean environments as well as the cultural conditions that produce and exchange them. How have both knowledge and imaginaries of the ocean environment circulated …Read More