Upcoming International Conference on “Quarantine: History, Heritage, Place”

Hello Circle Readers,

Please see below for a conference announcement from Tiarne Barratt on behalf of Professor Alison Bashford and The Quarantine Project team at the University of Sydney:

Quarantine: History, Heritage, Place – An international conference convened by historians, archaeologists and heritage scholars from the University of Sydney, 14-16 August 2014.

The practice of quarantine has always been grounded in contested locations. The history and heritage of quarantine stations and places of isolation the world over remain in these landscapes. In this way, sites of segregation have been both enduring and ephemeral, invoking memory and history. How can the material, documentary, legislative and spatial heritage of quarantine help us untangle narratives of global movement that were interrupted by periods of incarceration?

This conference seeks new interpretations of quarantine and its landscape. It will bring together maritime histories of quarantine with analyses of inland islands of terrestrial quarantine. We hope to prompt surprising and productive conversations between archaeologists, historians, cultural and human geographers, and heritage scholars.

This international conference builds from a large multidisciplinary investigation of more than 1,000 sandstone inscriptions that cover the stunning Quarantine Station in Sydney, Australia. This unique site will form our venue for the conference, inspiring themes that are both local and global: mark-making, isolation, identity, and place.

Early registration closes 30 June: http://sydney.edu.au/arts/research/quarantine/conferences/index.shtml

The conference flyer may be downloaded here (PDF).

The draft program may be downloaded here (PDF).